Guitar 45 “Cosmic”



      Completed 2015

      Top – Sitka spruce

      Back and Sides – Bloodwood

      Body size 16″

      Scale 25.5″




    Dave Schurer and I played in a band together in high school.  He and I both took guitar lessons from jazz virtuoso Harry Leahey, a popular NY sessions musician.  Harry was a good guitar teacher, but I wasn’t a good guitar student.  Dave was, though, and he continued taking lessons from Harry long after I had quit.  Dave has chops, and is comfortable in the world of jazz chords.  He played music professionally for a while before settling down in the world of business.  This guitar had to have the versatility to handle all of Dave’s playing styles.  











    I chose Bloodwood for the back and sides.  It is very dense, like rosewwod, and has a brilliant, glassy tap tone.  The sapwood is yellow, and it makes a nice, natural contrasting stripe in the middle of the back.  The neck is Bubinga, and the binding is Maple.  











    Dave wanted something “cosmic” for the inlays.  We chose a circle of infinities for the rosette.  They are made of mother of pearl and abalone.  















    For the fingerboard inlays I used stained glass, shell and silver wire to create the sun, planets, galaxies and stars.  







    Dave in his music room.