Alaska Music Wood

    Welcome to my Musicwood page.  During the 35 or so years that I have lived in Southeast Alaska I have had the good fortune to have acquired some very high quality Sitka spruce logs.  I have been slowly processing these logs, first into rounds, then splitting the rounds into blocks, and finally re-sawing the blocks into soundboards.  I have more wood than I can possibly use in my lifetime, so I have decided to make it available to my fellow luthiers.

    I currently have soundboards for flat top and archtop guitars, as well as for mandolins/violins.  In the coming months I should also have soundboards for cellos and string basses.  I can also do custom cutting for unusual instruments such as harp guitars.

    Policy Statement

    I have been making guitars since 1973.  I have examined, tapped, flexed and worked with many hundreds of soundboards.  I know good wood when I see it, touch it, and hear its tap tone.  All my wood is air dried.  I will not offer any wood on this site that I would not use in one of my own instruments.  If I send you a soundboard that turns out to have some sort of defect, for example, a hidden crack or sap pocket, I will replace it free of charge.  My goal is to provide really nice wood to my fellow luthiers so that you can make great instruments.

    Price List  (Spring 2020)

    Flat Top Guitar Sets

    Bookmatched sets are 3/16″ thick, and at minimum 16″ wide and 20″ long.  Smaller and larger sets are also available.

    Master Grade – Ask for availability

    AAAA – $75

    AAA – $50

    Arch Top Guitar Sets

    Bookmatched sets are 1 1/4″ tapering to 3’8″ thick, and a minimum of 8 1/2″ wide and 21″ long.  Smaller and larger sets are also available.

    Master Grade – Ask for availability

    AAAA – $175

    AAA – $150

    Mandolin/Violin Sets

    AAA – $40


    At some point I hope to have this page set up to take orders with a click.  Right now, if you would like to order soundboards please email me, Rob, at    I can accept Visa and Mastercard, or a check.


    All orders will be sent by US Mail Priority.  They make a flat rate box that can hold up to six flat top guitar sets, or one arch top set.  It can be sent anywhere in the US for $21.